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Silently Install Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (MS JVM 5.00.3810)


The final version of the MS JVM can only be installed as an update to a previous install.

The command line switch /q may cause a "Reboot" dialogue to appear pausing automated installation.


Extract a version prior to 5.00.3810 e.g. 5.00.3809:

msjavx86.exe /q /c /t:<folder>\3809

Extract version 5.00.3810:

msjavwu.exe /q /c /t:<folder>\3810

Copy javatrig.exe from <folder>\3809 to <folder>\3810

Install silently with the following command:

<folder>\3810\javatrig.exe /l /exe_install /nowincheck /q

Alternatively the following command should work with extracted versions:

rundll32.exe setupapi.dll,InstallHinfSection BaseInstallation 128 <folder>\3810\java.inf

Another alternative is to install both packages:

msjavx86.exe /q /r:n
msjavwu.exe /c:"javatrig.exe /exe_install /l /q" /q:a /r:n

Version 5.00.3809 is available from:

Version 5.00.3810 is available from:


How to install Microsoft Virtual Machine updates silently without restarting your computer


Microsoft JVM 5.00.3810

Created: 26th July 2006
Updated: 19th September 2006

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