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RIS Error: Setup cannot copy the file: hccoin.dll


When deploying a RIPREP Windows XP image to a PC the following error may occur near the end of deployment:

Setup cannot copy the file: hccoin.dll

Pressing ESC will ignore the error and finish deploying the image.

This may be caused by creating the RIPREP image on a USB1 PC and deploying the image to a USB2 PC.


Copy the file hccoin.dll from a known good source to the RIPREP image location:

\RemoteInstall\Setup\English\Images\<image name>\i386\Mirror1\UserData\WINDOWS\system32

The image should then deploy successfully.


Microsoft Windows XP (any)
Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4

Created: 12th October 2006
Updated: 12th October 2006

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