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When using NIC Teaming only one interface can be used


When using multiple interfaces to create a NIC Team/bond under ESX 3, traffic will only be routed when a single interface is plugged in.

The switch is configured to trunk the two ports.

Multiple VLANs are to be used over the trunked ports.

Non-routing issues are also seen on Windows Servers.


Configure the Switch ports to be a Fast EtherChannel (FEC) trunk.

Configure the NIC Teaming | Load Balancing on the virtual switch properties to be "Route based on IP hash".


The following options were also configured on the virtual switch:

- Network Failover Detection: Link Status Only
- Notify Switches: Yes
- Rolling Failover: No

The HP ProCurve 2824 has a number of trunk options including FEC, LACP, Trunk and None.

Setting the trunk on the switch to LACP appears to work best on Windows server with the HP Network Configuration Utility (from the Proliant Support Pack) set to the following:

- Team Type Selection: Automatic (Recommended)
- Transmit Load Balancing Method: Automatic (Recommended)

Setting the VLAN(802.1Q) on the switch resolves non routing issues introduced be configuring the server to tag packets using the HP Network Configuration Utility.


VMware ESX 3
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP1
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 RTM
HP ProCurve Switch 2824 (any)

Created: 15th November 2006
Updated: 15th November 2006

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