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PNA_WI_BACKUPLOCATIONS does not configure failover PNAgent Web Interface


As described in Clients for Windows Administrator’s Guide

"Optionally, you can specify backup URLs in the MSI package in case the Program Neighborhood Agent cannot connect to the Web Interface. To add backup URLs to the Program Neighborhood Agent, add the following MSI property: PNA_WI_BACKUPLOCATIONS. Then specify the backup addresses. Unlike those configured in the Web Interface, these backup addresses apply to all users."

msiexec -i ica32pkg.msi ADDLOCAL=PN_AGENT SERVER_LOCATION=http://web1/Citrix/PNAgent/config.xml PNA_WI_BACKUPLOCATIONS=http://web2/Citrix/PNAgent /qb

Setting to include the xml file also does not work e.g.

The 10.100 client does not allow the backup list to be set during the MSI installation. It is also not included in 10.150.

SERVER_LOCATION functionality works as expected.


The new functionality in Web Interface passes a backup URL to the client on first connection.

From Access Management Console:
- Select Citrix Resources | Configuration Tools | Web Interface | <website> | config.xml
- Select Manage Server Settings
- Click Backup
- Enter the URL without the config.xml file e.g. http://<backup>/Citrix/PNAgent

For thin clients the following registry key needs to be propagated to the Default User/User profile to allow clients to connect if the initial PNAgent Web Interface is down:

"Configuration Model 000"


Clients for Windows Administrator’s Guide

Web Interface Administrator's Guide


Citrix Web Interface 4.6
Citrix Program Neighbourhood Agent 10.150
Citrix Program Neighbourhood Agent 10.100

Created: 23rd November 2007
Updated: 24th November 2007

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