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GDISK.EXE hangs during Altiris PXE deployment with "Extended Error 53" in a Virtual Machine


When using GDISK.EXE to configure disk partitions in an Altiris task it randomly hangs, then reports an "Extended Error 53".

The Environment is as follows:

- DOS Altiris Task
- PXE boot image using the UNDI driver
- VMware Virtual Machine


The issue appears to be caused by the Intel UNDI driver. Using the PCNTND.DOS driver resolves the issue.

Create a PCNTND.DOS boot image. From the Altiris Server Console:

- Select Start | All Programs | Altiris | PXE Services | PXE Configuration Utility
- Login if prompted
- Click New
- Enter Virtual Machine Boot Image for Menu Item Properties
- Click Create Boot Image
- Click Next
- Click Next to accept Microsoft Windows
- Select AMD PCNET Adapter Family and click Next
- Click Next to accept DHCP
- Click Next to accept TCP/IP
- Click Next to accept the service account
- Click Next to accept drive mappings
- Click Next on the Summary
- Click Next to accept the configuration
- Click Next to accept Automation PXE Image
- Click Finish
- Click OK to save the menu option
- Click OK to exit the PXE Configuration Utility
- Click Yes to save changes

Associate the PCNTND.DOS boot image with the task. In the Deployment Console:

- Double click on the required task
- Click Next
- Select Virtual Machine Boot Image for Automation and click Finish


VMware ESX 3
Altiris eXpress Deployment Server 6.8

Created: 30th November 2007
Updated: 30th November 2007

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