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Citrix Scripting Error 2 in the Event Log on Citrix PS4.5


The following error may appear in the event log

Event Type: Error
Event Source: WSH
Event Category: None
Event ID: 1
Citrix Monitoring Script Event 2
Citrix MetaFrame Session In Down State:
"seconds" parameter (300) is not a valid positive number <= 240


CTX108668 describes how to resolve this issue in PS4. In PS 4.5 the setting is in Access Management Console in the following location:

- Access Management Console | Presentation Server | <farm> | Monitoring
- Configuration | Farm Monitoring
- Select Available Alerts
- Select Session idle for to long
- Click Configure alert
- Uncheck Alert enabled or set parameters to check for to less than four minutes


Error: Citrix Scripting Error 2 - WSH - id1


Citrix Presentation Server 4.5

Created: 22nd February 2008
Updated: 22nd February 2008

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