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XenDesktop unattended install joins farm in indirect mode


When performing an unattended install of XenDesktop the server will join the farm in indirect mode, making it dependent on the server specified in the command line e.g.

setup.exe -passive -edition ADV -joinfarm %JOINSERVER% -components DDC,CONSOLES -licenseserver %LICENSESERVER% -nosites


To convert the server to direct mode run the CHFARM utility:

chfarm /joinfarm /ddsc:"SQL Server" /odbcuser:%USERNAME% /odbcpwd:%PASSWORD% /dsnfile:MF20.dsn /verbose /quiet


Desktop Delivery Controller 2.0 Administrator's Guide
P87. Installing Controllers Using Setup.exe


Citrix XenDesktop 4
Citrix XenDesktop 2.1

Created: 27th February 2009
Updated: 12th January 2010

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