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SRM Encountered LUNs within consistency group with different peer array keys adding a DS4800 Array Manager


When adding a DS4800 Array Manager to VMware Site Replication Manager, the following error may be encountered:

[YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.SSS 'PrimarySanProvider' 3640 error] Encountered LUNs '600a0b800011a3f600003c7f487e0ab8' and '600a0b800011a49c0000c7814a8c5733' within consistency group '1900000000000000000000000000000000000000' with different peer arrays '534d424c600a0b800029b5be00000000' and '600a0b800029b5be00000000480ec22b'

The wording in VirtualCenter may be slightly different:

"LUNs '600a0b800011a3f600003c7f487e0ab8' and '600a0b800011a49c0000c7814a8c5733' with different peer array keys '534d424c600a0b800029b5be00000000' and '600a0b800029b5be00000000480ec22b' within the same consistency group '1900000000000000000000000000000000000000' received from SAN integration scripts"

The different ArrayKeys can be seen in the log:

[#1]     <Lun consistencyGroupId="1900000000000000000000000000000000000000" id="600a0b800011a3f600003c7f487e0ab8">
[#1]       <Number initiatorGroupId="85000000600a0b800011a3f600363ae8482a89ec">33</Number>
[#1]       <Peer>
[#1]         <ArrayKey>534d424c600a0b800029b5be00000000</ArrayKey>
[#1]         <ReplicaLunKey>600a0b800029b5be00003dab4851e390</ReplicaLunKey>
[#1]       </Peer>
[#1]     </Lun>

[#1]     <Lun consistencyGroupId="1900000000000000000000000000000000000000" id="600a0b800011a49c0000c7814a8c5733">
[#1]       <Number initiatorGroupId="85000000600a0b800011a3f600363ae8482a89ec">0</Number>
[#1]       <Peer>
[#1]         <ArrayKey>600a0b800029b5be00000000480ec22b</ArrayKey>
[#1]         <ReplicaLunKey>600a0b800029b5be00003d8448432c0a</ReplicaLunKey>
[#1]       </Peer>
[#1]     </Lun>


After upgrading the DS4800 firmware to 07.10/07.15 as per the Site Recovery Manager Compatibility Matrixes, each new mirror created has a different ArrayKey from existing mirrors.

To update the ArrayKey break and recreate all mirrors, until the ArrayKey is consistent across all mirrored LUNs.


Site Recovery Manager Compatibility Matrixes


VMware Site Recovery Manager 1.0 Update 1
IBM DS4000/DS5000 Series Storage Replication Adapter

Created: 25th August 2009
Updated: 25th August 2009

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