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How to deploy an additional SafeWord RemoteAccess server


The procedure in the SafeWord Product Guide for installing multiple servers refers to the deployment of a green fields site. Additional tasks are required to add a server to an existing SafeWord implementation.

Configuring Multiple Servers P4-21



- Encryption Key (available from SafeWord Configuration Utility on the existing server)
- Signing Key (available from SafeWord Configuration Utility on the existing server)
- Administration Password

On the existing server:

- Start Active Directory Users and Computers
- Select SafeWord | Import/Backup/Restore
- Enter a file name under Backup Database and click Backup

On the new server:

- Install the required SafeWord components ensuring the Encryption Key and Signing Key match the existing server.
- Start Active Directory Users and Computers
- Select SafeWord
- Enter and verify the same Administration password as the existing server, check Remember this password and click OK
- Select SafeWord | Import/Backup/Restore
- Browse to the backup file taken from the existing server under Restore Database and click Restore

- Configure Setting up SafeWord Server Synchronization as per P4-21 of the SafeWord Product Guide. This must not be done until the restore is completed successfully.


Implementing SafeWord server synchronization
"Important note: if installing SafeWord RemoteAccess for the first time, follow the above steps. However, if you have been using a single SafeWord server and are adding a second (or other additional) server, you must first perform a manual backup of the first server and manually restore it to the machine(s) with the additional SafeWord server(s). See the SafeWord RemoteAccess Program Guide for more information on manual backup and restore. As noted previously, remember that you cannot verify SafeWord server synchronization if you have already activated the product and imported token records."

SafeWord Product Guide


Aladdin SafeWord 2.1.2b85

Created: 16th September 2010
Updated: 16th September 2010

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