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Office 2003 reports "This feature is not available" then exits


When starting an Office 2003 application, such as Access the following error message may be shown and then the application will exit.

"This feature is not available. For more information, contact your system administrator."


This is due to the product key having reached it's maximum activation count, and the product not being able to be activated.

The product key may be updated to one with available activations as below, or Office can be uninstalled then reinstalled with the new product key, possibly requiring the removal of the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Office\Data\Opa11.dat file to ensure successful activation.


How to change the product key for Office XP, for Office 2003, and for the 2007 Office system

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Microsoft Office 2003

Created: 26th October 2010
Updated: 26th October 2010

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