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"vDisk is not available" when using Imaging Wizard for Provisioning Services with Cisco VPN Client installed


When using the Imaging Wizard a vDisk is created, then the machine is rebooted to load the vDisk image for the local disk image to be copied to. This happens automatically on login after the reboot.

When the imaging starts, the following error is reported:

vDisk is not available. Please check your network PXE boot configuration and restart Imaging Wizard.

The Cisco VPN Client is installed, and a network adapter defined.


The network adapter must be configured as the preferred binding, the service configured for start-up, and the Provision Services Target Device software re-installed.

From Control Panel | Network and Sharing Center

- Select Change Adapter Settings
- Press ALT+N+S to bring up the Adapters and Binding dialogue
- Ensure the network adapter used for communication is the top of the list (typically Local Area Connection)
- Click OK

Edit the network adapter services registry (using VMXNET3 in this example)


Uninstall, reboot, and re-install the Provisioning Services Target Device software.


Provisioning Server vDisk Constantly Remains in an Inactive State

CurrentControlSet\Services Subkey Entries


Citrix Provisioning Server 6.1
Cisco VPN Client 5.0

Created: 13th June 2013
Updated: 13th June 2013

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