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Unable to Upload MSI to Intune MDM Line-of-business Application


From the Azure console:

- Select Intune
- Select Mobile apps
- Select Apps
- Click Add
- Select Line-of-business app to upload an MSI
- Click App Package File
- Browse for the MSI

Once the MSI is selected, the following fields should be populated:
- Name:
- Platform:
- App version:
- Size:
- MAM Enabled:

But this does not happen and the app configuration cannot proceed.


To resolve the issue, open the MSI with Orca and save a copy of the MSI:

- Install Orca:
- Right click on the affected MSI and select Edit with Orca from the context menu
- Click File | Save As
- Save the MSI with a new name

The upload should now be successful in Intune MDM. It would appear that there are attributes missing from the MSI that are automatically added by Orca on save.



Microsoft Intune MDM (any)

Created: 27th March 2018
Updated: 27th March 2018

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